our music


Early on we decided that we didn't want to duplicate the great efforts of the other Christian radio stations in our region. That's why we carry teaching shows that are unique to our station. That's also one of the reasons we decided to pursue a different music format.


Calvary Chapel was born during the early days of the "Jesus Movement". That movement saw many young people who were formerly in bondage to "sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll" come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Those young men and women that God had blessed with musical gifts continued to play and sing - but their focus had changed radically. The music hadn't changed, but the lyrics had. These young artists were now playing and singing for their Savior. Thus CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) was born.


In the years since the "Jesus Movement", Christian musicians have continued to use their musical gifts to encourage other believers, share the truth of Jesus with others, express the joys and trials in their own lives, and glorify their God. Each decade since the Jesus Movement has contributed it's own unique sound to contemporary Christian music.


On Dove-FM you'll hear a broad mix of the best Christian rock and pop from four distinct periods: the Jesus Music era (60's-70's), the 80's, the 90's, and the 00's through today. We play "deep tracks" - those songs you might never have heard before if you didn't own the original album or CD - rather than just the "hits" that normally get radio airplay.


We hope that you enjoy the eclectic and diverse mix of music on Dove-FM. You can always see what's playing now (and what songs are coming up) by checking the Now Playing page. You can also review the daily playlist for today and the last six days on the Daily Playlist page.


Remember, if you don't like a song, stick around for the next one. It will be completely different!