Listening Live


Windows Media Player (PC)


To listen in an Windows Media Player use the following link:

Listen Live in Windows Media Player


Winamp, VLC Media Player, and other players.


For all other players, you should use the following link:



External Players (Macintosh)


Since our stream uses WMA, you'll need to download "Flip2Mac" to enable playing our stream through Quicktime on your Mac. The program can be found at:




After downloading and installing Flip2Mac you can use this link above to play our stream in Quicktime.


Listening in a Browser Window


To Listen in a browser window, use the following link:


Listen in a browser window


Using Mobile Devices (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)


You can listen using your Blackberry by using the following link:



To listen on your iPhone you will need to download the free application "FStream player". You can listen with your iPhone by using the following link:



If you have any problems connecting to our stream, please send an email to support@wtwtfm.org. Tell us which method you're trying to use to play the stream and we'll try out best to help.